Submitted & Working Papers

  • Green Asset Pricing, with  G Benmir (LSE) & I Jaccard (ECB Research).
    Media: BloombergCentral BankingECB Research BulletinSpeech by Christine LagardeVoxEu
    2021 European Finance Association Best Paper in Responsible Finance.
  • Social Learning about Monetary Policy at the Effective-Lower Bound, with J Arifovic (U. Vancouver), A Grimaud (U. Vienna), & I Salle (U. Ottawa).
    Revise and Resubmit Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
  • Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated SIR Model with  G Benmir (LSE) & I Jaccard (ECB Research).
  • The Dynamic Effects of Weather Shocks on Agricultural Production with  C Crofils (Dauphine) & E Gallic (AMSE).

Articles for Teaching

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