Current Teaching (in Dauphine)

I am on leave from Dauphine University and therefore not teaching anymore any of these lectures.

Past Teaching

University Paris-Dauphine (France) – 2015-present

University of Poznan (Poland) – 2015

University of Rennes (France) 2012-2015

  • T.A. in Macroeconomics (undergraduate, in english), Prof. Jean-Jacques Durand, 2014-2015.
  • T.A. in Principles of Macroeconomics (undergraduate), Prof. Nathalie Payelle, 2014-2015.
  • T.A. in Introduction to DSGE Models (graduate), Prof. Jean-Christophe Poutineau, 2013-2014.
  • T.A. in Economics of Money and Banking (undergraduate), Prof. Jean-Christophe Poutineau, 2013/2014.
  • T.A. in Macroeconomics (undergraduate), Prof. Fabien Moizeau, 2012/2013.

University of Bordeaux (France), 2011-2012