For my PhD I’d been needing  a Scientific Workplace to Matlab/R converter to test fastly different steady states. I wrote that converter to get in one clic some matlab code directly from scientific workplace. In the picture, i give an example with Hansen’s steady states: you just have to copy from your scientific workplace document and paste it in the LaTeX2Matlab windows. I wrote the converter in PHP directly.
→direct link to LaTeX2Matlab

Scientific Workplace to Matlab Converter

Scientific Workplace to Matlab Converter

  • Olivier

    Intéressant ce petit script ! Utilise-t-il des expressions régulières ? Comptes-tu également le publier, par exemple sur Github ?

    • Gauthier Vermandel

      Oui Olivier, il est bourré d’expressions régulières mais je n’ai pas du tout pensé à le publier… Tu crois que ça serait utile ?